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Construction management

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Construction management

Chapter 1. History of construction management
Chapter 2. The changing environment of the construction industry
Chapter 3. Construction project management
Chapter 4. Construction planning
Chapter 5. Construction scheduling procedures
Chapter 6. Cost estimation
Chapter 7. Construction pricing and contracting
Chapter 8. Materials management
Chapter 9. Productivity in the construction industry
Chapter 10. The design and construction process
Chapter 11. Quality control and safety during construction
Chapter 12. Computers in construction management
Chapter 13. Quality management systems in construction
Chapter 14. Lean construction
Chpater 15. Quality in the design and construction interface
Chapter 16. Internal quality audits and ISO 9000 in construction
Chapter 17. Construction quality and cost
Chapter 18. A systematic approach to risk management in construction

Chapter 19. Risk management tools & techniques for bot projects
Chapter 20. Risk and organizational behaviour
Chapter 21. Performance study of the design construction interface
Chapter 22. Internal quality audits & ISO 9000 in construction (data collection and analysis based on case studies)
Chapter 23. Capturing rework costs in projects (case studies of two Australian
construction projects)
Chaper 24. The cost of quality failure/non-conformance on construction sites (anapplication of the quality cost matrix)
Chapter 25. Effectiveness of systematic risk management (a case study of a small project in Australia)
Chapter 26. Risk analysis to parties in bot projects
Chapter 27. A quantitative approach to construction risk management

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